Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I cleanse?

Regular cleansing is the best way to keep toxins from accumulating in your body. Not only does it cleanse your liver and digestive system, it assists your body in cleansing the constant pollution it encounters. These toxins come from saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, foods with additives, allergenic foods, and pesticides. Not to mention medications such as antibiotics.  The pollution in the air and even daily stress can impair the intestine’s functioning. Cleansing allows our liver and digestive system to rest and repair our gut.

I have never done a cleanse before, which cleanse is good for me?

We believe in taking small steps, therefore simplifying your eating for just a few days.  We highly recommend starting with our simple juice fast plans and you will be surprised by the incredible transformation by starting small.  A Juice cleanse will allow your stomach some rest, purify your liver and increase your energy.  We do not recommend children under 18 to participate in the juice cleanse. Having said that, adding juices to children’s meals is always a better alternative to soda.

Can anyone do a juice cleanse?

As mentioned, we do not recommend children under 18 to participate in the juice cleanse. Cleansing is not appropriate for anyone pregnant or breastfeeding.  Your body needs the proper calories, proteins, fats and nutritional needs whilst growing, pregnant or breastfeeding – plain and simple. Please consult your medical or health care practitioner before starting a cleanse program.

What about if I have a medical condition?

Consult your medical or health care practitioner if you have a medical condition or take medications.

I have done a juice fast before and am looking for a more comprehensive program, which one do you recommend?

A cleanse is recommended to not only break the cycle and dependence on processed foods, saturated fats, refined sugars, caffeine and alcohol. But more importantly to make healthier choices and find better alternatives. When embarking on a 5 day, 7 day, 6 week, or even a one on one program we teach you all of this. These long-term cleanses include juices but also whole, fibrous foods, whole grains, proteins, fats and a fitness routine.

What about coffee, tea and alcohol?

Again, the idea is to break the cycle of bad habits first and give the body time to rebuild itself.  As your body gets cleaner and differentiates the trigger foods that have been causing you dis-ease you can have joy again in re-introducing caffeine from a better source such as our cold brew coffee or a green tea with a better choice of Mylk, i.e. a nutmilk such as our Almond Mylk Sonoma cold brew Coffee.  We suggest drinking less of your indulges each day leading up to the cleanse so the cleanse will be easier for you to master. If it is absolutely impossible to go without caffeine then cleanse and change your daily caffeine to our guilt free cold brew Coffee.

How often should I do a cleanse?

We recommend doing a cleanse with the change of every season.  A great one to do to maintain optimum health is the 5-day cleanse at the start of every season.  This juice and food cleanse allows each organ to purify and recharge. Research shows that the body can actually reverse disease by changing to a better food plan. Periodical fasting increases lifespan! Having said that we advocate cold pressed juices and drinks as part of your daily routine, there is nothing better than waking up and drinking a Real Raw Live cold pressed juice.

Do you offer organic?

Organic fruits and vegetables are by definition grown without the use of pesticides. Cleansing is about ridding the body of pesticides, herbicides and antibiotic residues.  Therefore we keep it organic.  There are some foods that are perfectly fine in their conventional form, although some would argue that you should still buy these organic in order to support the workers and protect the environments exposed to agricultural chemicals. Studies have found that Organic fruit and vegetables contain 40 percent more antioxidants, have higher levels of beneficial minerals like iron and zinc. We will always strive to do our best to use organic produce although not always available as certified organic.

Can I exercise when on a cleanse?

We have been offering cleanse and exercise programs for over a decade in California, USA.  It is absolutely important to include some form of exercise to move the toxins out of the body.  Believe it or not, a simple yoga class can do the world of good for your body.  We offer daily training at Holistic Fitness Fox studios.  You too can train like a Hollywood star!

What foods can I eat whilst cleansing?

Whether you're starting with our juice cleanse or going for a more comprehensive cleanse the main theme is eliminating harmful foods!  The cleanses all eliminate dairy, wheat, gluten and fermented foods from the diet.  This is a big eye opener for many cleansers when most of our clients are insensitive to wheat.  When taking these trigger foods out of our diet and reintroducing them, we learn to figure out what foods are actually causing our body dis-ease.

What other benefits will I experience?

Once you clean out the toxins in your body you will attain lasting benefits from easing of chronic pain to increased energy, clearing of the mind and seeing weight loss. These benefits become more permanent as we start the healing process by slowly transforming our diet with better drink and food choices.  Your body will also be flooded with super foods, vitamins and minerals and feel incredibly hydrated which in turn will make your body function more efficiently.  Think about how radiant you will look, with a younger looking complexion and shiny healthy hair and nails.

What about some of the symptoms?

Headaches and dizziness may happen as well as low energy whilst detoxing.  Everybody is different, some struggle more with joint pain whilst others are struggling with a runny nose. If you have recurrent issues such as eczema a skin breakout may get worse before it gets better.  Think of it as cleaning out the house, your body is dumping all those toxins. It is important to be patient and breathe, just know at the end of the cleanse you will be feeling and looking incredible.

Can I have the juice delivered to my home on a regular basis?

Yes, we deliver! And yes again, we deliver on a regular basis.  If you want a regular juice, mylks, cold brew coffee or cleanse delivery please look at our Subscriptions page, where you can customize your subscription, select delivery date and enjoy cold pressed Real Raw Live drinks to your home.  We love to make our drinks a regular part of your day. Remember to put them straight into your fridge.

What makes Real Raw Live different?

Huge advantage: our own farm partnership, our own plots of land where produce is grown just for us.  This captures the enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, and other vital elements you only achieve with the freshest organic farm-to-bottle cold press process. Real Raw Live uses the best hydraulic juice press available today. We hydraulically cold press with 15 tons of pressure all of our juice “without over-crushing cells or creating unwanted heat. The result: more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than traditional juice machines.” This process does not heat or oxidize the juice, so it is left nutritionally packed with all the nutrition nature intended. We use a state of the art alkaline water filtration system to thoroughly wash all of our produce and bottle our waters. Our structured water has a PH level of more than 9.5. This water is amazing. We call it structured water because the molecule is literally split in half via a charging process from two giant titanium and platinum plates. It's molecular formula shifts from H2O to H+ OH-
In plain old English.... It's now living water again because it created an active hydrogen. This split process leaves the molecule 1/2 acidic and 1/2 alkaline. We grab the alkaline half so you’re drinking pure alkaline water. Remember illness cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. Our juices are always REAL RAW LIVE.


The information provided on this website is not intended to treat or diagnose any illness or physical ailment.  Please consult your medical or health care practitioner before starting a cleanse program.