New Idea, April. 2014

Sam Armytage РHow I got my Logies body, Read more.

Vogue Australia, Feb. 2014

Vogue Australia, Feb. 2014

Holistic Fitness founder Gregory Joujon-Roche is the go-to trainer in Hollywood when a film studio requires its leading man or lady to shape up for a role. Read more.

Vogue Australia July2013

Vogue Australia, July 2013

Gregory Joujon-Roche founded LA’s Holistic Fitness gym and juice cleanse programs… and is the trainer who got Demi Moore in shape for her roles in Striptease and GI Jane. He also bulked up Brad Pitt for Troy and made sure Gisele Bundchen was ready to don her Victoria’s Secret Wings… To maintain and change your body, he says, you need to train four days a week. If you really want to do a body transformation, you need to do six days. “But aesthetics aside, being fit makes you feel younger. I call it vitality first, vanity second.” Read more.

New Idea

New Idea: How I Got My Logies Body (with Samantha Armytage)

“I had a bit of a wish list for Greg: I wanted Beyonce’s butt, Michelle Obama’s arms and Pink’s abs — although to be honest, there’s no way I’d ever work hard enough for that!” Read more.

Red Carpet Ready Workout with Gregory Joujon-Roche

HealthyMEtv: Red Carpet Workout

Want to know how the stars get Red Carpet Ready? Join trainer to the stars Greg Joujon-Roche as he gives Shelly Horton the workout secrets of superstars such as Giselle, Brad Pitt, Demi Moore and Pink. And we get a sneak peak into Greg’s super secret celebrity Gym. Watch video.

Speedy Ho with Gregory Joujon-Roche, Woman's Day

Woman’s Day May 2014: Speedy Hollywood Slimdown

When the A-listers need to tone up in a flash, they turn to one man for rapid results. Celebrity trainer and nutritionist Greg Joujon-Roche has sculpted some of the hottest bodies in show business. Actors, singers and supermodels including Brad Pitt, Pink and Gisele, all turn to the fitness guru when they needs to look their best for a special occasion. Read more.


The Morning Show: Trainer to the Stars

Larry and Kylie chat to the man behind Demi Moore’s ‘Striptease’ body, Celebrity Trainer Greg Joujon Roche. Watch video.

FOX 101.9: Get Fit With Dan & Maz!

Pink’s personal trainer Greg Joujon Roche joins Dan and Maz and shows them how to do a Criss-Cross Lunge and something called an accordion crunch? Plus his eating plan! Watch video.

Celeb trainer to the stars

Celebrity trainer Greg Joujon Roche chats to Sydney Confidential about the stars he has worked into shape

Greg Joujon Roche is the trainer celebrities including Brad Pitt, Pink, Leonardo De Caprio and Tobey Maguire call when they need to be whipped into shape. Read more.

Gregory Joujon-Roche

Yahoo Sunrise: Greg Joujon Roche Drop a Dress Size in 7 Days

Consistency and momentum is the key to this weight loss system and the sophistication of this program is in its simplicity. Remove yourself from the emotional attachment to food. It takes practice but gives you a new perspective and awareness of food.Read more.


Body and Soul: How to shape up for an event in a week according to a celeb trainer

Got an important party/work event/wedding to go to in 7 days? Celeb trainer Greg Joujon Roche will have you looking incredible in just a week. Read more.