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Hi, it’s Greg Joujon-Roche, founder of Real Raw Live. Our Real Raw Live philosophy is short and sweet:

It’s the synergy of great taste and well-being.

The longer version is, it’s the correct combination of the freshest local produce possible to create a juice that tastes fantastic, yet yields the highest nutritional value possible.

Then we take this combination and create consistency with it so you can count on our juice to deliver the same great taste every time you drink it.

How do we do that? What is the Real Raw live difference?

Well, it starts with a huge advantage: We have our own farm partnership.  Literally, we have our own plots of land. This means our produce is grown just for us and picked exactly at its peak for the best juice possible. There is no middle person, there is no sitting around in a warehouse. Our produce is picked, prepped, pressed, and bottled right from the source, in cold temperature. This captures the enzymes, vitamins, trace minerals, and other vital elements you only achieve with the freshest 100% farm-to-bottle cold press process. We use a state of the art alkaline water filtration system to thoroughly wash all of our produce and bottle our waters. Our structured water has a PH level of more than 9.5. This water is amazing. We call it structured water because the molecule is literally split in half via a charging process from two giant titanium and platinum plates. It’s molecular formula shifts from H2O to H+ OH-
In plain old English…. It’s now living water again because it created a active hydrogen. This split process leaves the molecule 1/2 acidic and 1/2 alkaline. We grab the alkaline half so you’re drinking pure alkaline water. Remember illness cannot thrive in an alkaline environment.

The cold press difference:

What makes Real Raw Live Juice so amazing is that we hydraulically cold press with 15 tons of pressure all of our juice. The result is what I call juice integrity. This process doesn’t heat or oxidize the juice, so it’s left nutritionally packed and stunning to taste. We never heat pasteurize our juices, they are always Real Raw and Live.

The Real Raw Live difference does not stop there. Our philosophy of great taste and well-being really kicks in with our exclusive cleanses, raw shakes and wellness elixirs.

  1.  Our cleanses are so much more than just juice. Our cleanses have protein, fiber, good fats, and super foods. So at the end you not only look amazing, you feel amazing because your metabolism is re-calibrated—not shut down from drinking just juice. We have specific cleanses for specific intentions so you can get more specific with your results.
  2. Wait till you try one of our raw shakes. I say, “Why not create a raw shake that tastes amazing yet serves a purpose.“ It feels so good to be healthy, and we want to propel this concept, embody our philosophy and make it a way of life. All the nutrition, all the taste.
  3. With our wellness elixirs we really focus on the function. Whether you want to promote good gut ecology, curb your appetite through nutrition, or simply need our help to get relief from a brutal hangover, we are here to serve you seven days a week.

Finally , it’s all about you, our community. Health is about awareness, and awareness needs to be shared. You put out a good product with consistency, and customer loyalty is born. Personally I learn and grow so much from my community. I wouldn’t be here without you, and it’s just more fun evolving together.

Why don’t you use glass bottles at Real Raw Live?

At this time, plastic is actually a more environmentally sound choice than glass. We use PET plastic for the following reasons:

  1. Polyethylene terephthalate doesn’t leach, and is generally considered the safest single-use plastic-bottle choice.
  2. It is the most desired plastic for recycling.
  3. It is dramatically lighter than other bottle options, which means less fuel is used to create and deliver each bottle.
  4. It’s a better barrier to gases than other plastic, so the nutrients in our juices are better protected from oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases that might affect the nutritional quality and taste.

Plastic is a more space and energy efficient way to package our juice. A single plastic bottle uses fewer resources to create, fill, ship, and distribute than a single glass bottle. This is because glass bottles weigh up to nine times more than plastic bottles.

I’ve been hearing a lot about “bio plastic”, or corn-based bottle. Why don’t you use a corn bottle?

We have heavily researched corn-based or other “bio plastics”. Unfortunately, bio plastic’s advantages are currently outweighed by its disadvantages. While corn bottles are compostable, this is only possible under very specific environmental conditions; access to such composting facilities remains severely restricted and the presence of corn bottles actually contaminates and retards our plastic recycling stream.

Whereas, PET is 100% recyclable all around the world.

We will continue to closely watch the bio plastic industry, and we remain committed to selecting the most environmentally friendly, accessible, and recyclable option available.


All the best in health , Greg Joujon-Roche